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Baby Inc. blog is a concept family blog - a curated place where we share our passion in the world of baby, kids, and family life. It’s where we collect ideas, inspirations, values, stories, along with the tips and tricks on family style, creativity, wellbeing, and whatever else cool picks we experienced ourselves in our daily life as well as those we found travelling the www - worldwide web.


We like unique, simple, natural, inspiring, nice little things in general. That of styles, arts, and crafts. That of family, home and wellbeing values. We like products that are locally-made, naturally-made, and however consciously-made that better respects people, society and the environment. We also like homemade & DIY stuff, simple recipes, creative tips & tricks, candid moments, little life stories and silly-fun stuff of everyday family life. We love all those that are from the heart. We love the God gracious diverse colors of the people and the world around us, that each and every one tells their own story and has their own unique color.


And so we thought to share the love to those out there who might have the same passion with us. So here we are, opening our 'secret closet' to you wherever you are in the world, and we hope our bits and pieces here inspire you too as much as it does to us!


Rini Yulianti - Baby Inc Blog Indonesia

Ririn, an Indonesian actress and TV host, is the Featured Blogger and Curator at Baby Inc. She started her acting career in the movie screens in 2008, and some of the popular sinetron that she's well-known for is Muslimah and Dibalik Jilbab Zaskia. In movie Kisah 3 Titik she was nominated as Best Female Starring Role at Piala Maya 2013. She was then also nominated as Best Supporting Actress at Indonesia Movie Awards 2015 for the movie Di Balik 98. She's also a host for several TV shows such as Selebrita (Trans7) and Obsesi (globalTV).  This lovely sister of Rini is a mum of two daughters, Jasmine and Cattleya.

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Rini Yulianti - Baby Inc Blog Indonesia

Rini is the Featured Blogger and Curator at Baby Inc. An Indonesian actress and model, Rini started her career as GADIS Sampul 2000 finalist. This lovely younger sister of Ririn then started modelling for some brands and later became a sinetron and movie actress. Some of her known roles includes that in movies such as Roh, Bebek Belur, in sinetron Tasbih Cinta, Saranghae I Love You, and in FTV Kutemukan Anakku, Pahala Sebungkus Kolak, and many more.

In 2014, she married Michael Ha -

a Korean born Australian citizen, and they're both happily married ever since whilst patiently awaiting the arrival of a baby in the family.

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Imlati Hadad - Baby Inc Blog Indonesia

Imla is Baby Inc. Co-Founder, Blog Editor, Curator and Management. She built her career at the Creative department in the advertising industry. This mum of one and only daughter, Nadine, then started Baby Inc. with some friends - a children fashion brand and shop. Along the way she had the chance to go back to the advertising industry yet switched from Creative to Account Management - as Consultant while at Promo Tec Indonesia, and lastly at Publicis Indonesia as Account Director

Afterwards, she started Baby Inc. again but with a renewed concept.

Graduated from Billy Blue College of Graphic Arts & Advertising in Sydney, Australia, Imla designed most everything at Baby Inc.

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