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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

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What happens next if Disney Princesses continue to pursue their dream? This is such a fresh perspective for #Disney princesses! We like it so much we like to share it with you.

Matt Burt, a graphic designer for Simply Thrifty Living, has taken a fresh approach in turning iconic Disney princesses into hardworking talented women with careers that matches nicely into their interest and skills.

Simply Thrifty Living graphic designer Matt Burt's artwork Disney Princess as career woman.
Matt Burt/Simoly Thrifty Living/Imgur

At some point in our life as parents, or as grown-ups, it probably had crossed our minds, looking at little girls' obesession and craze for princesses today... are all these Disney-Princesses-concept healthy for her?

Like, seriously, is it?

We hope they would grow to understand that... Life is not just about getting lucky finding the perfect fit for a shoe; There's nothing wrong with mopping and cleaning the floors yourself (especially in the fun company of the birds!(〜^∇^)〜); Dancing with a rich handsome prince should not be perceived as a life's achievement that will guarantee life's true-love; ...nor dancing with a rich big beast for that matter. (・о・)

We might not be worriying too much for the boys as much, as they're not as easily be swept away by romantic stories as the girls, but still...

We hope they would grow to understand to respect the opposite gender (as it is the gender of their own mother and sister!); to see women not as objects but as an equal friend in life; that life's achivement is not about making halal every way just to get a ride with a beautiful exotic wealthy princess...

Disney Princess GIF "I want a happy ending" - happily ever after kiss scene. If this GIF picture takes time to load, click on the image area where it is suppose to be, sometimes that helps for us.

And... we hope our kids don't grow up thinking finding a good life-partner is the ultimate goal in life that guarantees a happily-ever-after life. But rather, that it will be the start of a new chapter in life that takes tolerance and patience and much more work than a kiss to make it into a happy marriage.

Some of us may think, hey, we all grew up with Disney movies characters, and we turned out just fine! And that might be true for us, but unlike us - our kids today are exposed to these concept and characters just like those Giphy GIFs - repeated over and over, over and over again, non stop (through technology and various merchandise and branding everywhere) (⊙_☉) ..・ ヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ

And so Matt Burt's graphic illustrations and its humorous 'sequel' descriptions gave such a fresh additional new perspective to the-not-only-lovely-but-actually-hard working, skillful, and talented Disney ladies!

So, kids, you know what really happened to the Disney ladies next after the movie?

Let's check them out...

Elsa and Anna are climate change scientists.  

Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna as climate change scientist
Matt Burt/Simply Thrifty Living/Imgur

Matt wrote about the sisters:

  • "Elsa and Anna - Climate Change Scientists - Elsa, Anna, and the citizens of Arendelle know a few things about the effects of climate change. While their companion Olaf may love summer, the sun, and all things hot, Anna and Elsa recognize what a rising global temperature might mean. They have dedicated their careers to studying climate change and presenting accurate, well-sourced information."

Aw.. Suits them well, right? 。^‿^。

We think the others are also pretty much on spot, let's check out the others...

Tiana, unsurprisingly, become a James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur!

Disney's 'A Aprincess and a Frog' Tiana become Award-Winning James Beard Chef & Restauranteur.
Matt Burt/Simply Thrifty Living/Imgur

Matt wrote:

  • "Tiana - James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur - Growing up and being inspired by her father’s love of cooking, Tiana has always known what she has wanted to do. She now stands at the top of the culinary world, winning the James Beard Award and owning one of the most popular restaurants in the country. Every day she digs a little deeper, trying out new dishes and experimenting with new recipes and flavors."

Princess Jasmine is a UN Ambassador. 

Disney Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) become UN Ambassador
Matt Burt/Simply Thrifty Living/Imgur

Matt wrote:

  • "Jasmine - UN Ambassador - Jasmine has always fought for what’s right and for change where it is needed -- she’s not a prize to be won. A natural politician, she now advocates for her country of Agrabah at the United Nations. One of her primary initiatives is protecting women’s rights by ensuring that women are treated fairly across the globe.

This one may seem pretty obvious but it still caught us up with a lol. You have to read what Matt wrote below the illustration. Clever one!

Princess Aurora as a coffee company CEO.

Disney Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) become coffee company CEO
Matt Burt/Simply Thrifty Living/Imgur

Matt wrote:

  • "Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - Coffee Company CEO - Aurora knows how hard it is to wake up. After being awoken from her enchanted sleep, Aurora made it her career to help others stay awake -- and what better way to do that than coffee! Aurora is the founder and CEO of Spinning Wheel Coffee, one of the leading coffee chains in the nation."

Pocahontas - Head Of an Non-Profit Organization committed to preserving and protecting the environment

Disney's Pocahontas become Head of a Non-Profit Organization committed to preserving and protecting the environment
Matt Burt/Simply Thrifty Living/Imgur

Matt wrote:

  • "Pocahontas - Head of a Non-Profit Focused on Protecting the Environment - Pocahontas knows that we’re all connected to each other and is committed to protecting nature and what is just around the riverbend. She heads a non-profit organization committed to preserving and protecting the environment. Through a combination of activism, action, and promoting awareness, she fights for protection and sustainable use of our natural resources."

And Rapunzel (Tangled) with her healing talent went to medical school and became a Neurologist. Snow White, with her caring nature and experience in handling a range of feelings such as happy, bashful, grumpy, and so on, went on to be one of the leaders in the field of mental health, she became a Leading Psychologist.

Overall, Matt Burt himslef is glad that the reaction to the artwork has been positive, he felt humbled that so many people have enjoyed them,

“The Disney princesses have become more than just characters in movies for many people,” he explained. “They’ve become icons and influential women and it’s important for them to be portrayed as strong women both in the movies and outside of them."

We also think showing this artwork to our children might give them an additional creative view of the princesses and may open up a fun discussion topic with them, and that the inspirational idea and possibilities may not just stop there. Ask your child if they might spot other talents from the characters, relate them to everyday people's jobs around them, and what about it that may benefit others in society. Such as, perhaps: Cinderella's creativity in designing beautiful party dresses and her kind nature that likes to help others may open up chances for her to creatively be a fashion designer for beautiful yet affordable dresses; Pocahontas who loves and understood nature well may have chances to become a producer for healthy Organic food; Ariel with her dramatic world background and her talent to sing beautifully may have potential to become a world-class Opera Actress; while Jasmine and Aladdin - who had always worked so well as a team - may went on to open a family business of international 'high' quality carpet exporter. From personal wishful-praying carpets to ballroom and function hall carpets, even to aeroplane flight interior carpets, this family seems to understand well about the beneficial quality and comforts of any kinds of carpets! ♡^▽^♡

Matt's hope is that people be inspired through his artwork, that they can find their life's path and career that suits themselves and their own potential and make a difference [for others - Ed.], as he said in an interview with Scary Mommy

See (σ゚∀゚)σ here to check out the rest of the princesses success path artwork by Matt Burt.

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