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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

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Salams. (◎´∀`)ノ.。.:*・゚☆Ηёισσ☆.。.:*・゚

We are happy to finally share with you our latest giveaway... (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

"Nautical Themed Baby Shower Printables Set"*

Thinking of setting up a #BabyShower yourself? Whether the baby shower is for a family member, a friend, or yourself - this gift from us will help you set up a baby shower like a pro. Made specially by us for your #DIY Baby Shower event - the theme's preppy, classic navy gold color matched with a funtasticly fresh #nautical style template design!

The files are all in editable PDF, you can edit the texts very easily yourself with Adobe Acrobat Pro or other PDF editors. You could also just take the artwork template to a digital printing place and have them help you edit the texts (name, date, hour, address, and other wordings) customised the way you want. Don't worry, we also have the blank field version for those of you who prefer to manually write down the names and information.

But best of all, all of that is free to download here in our blog. You will have the choice to download the whole set or per item selectively. Yay! Let's check it all out! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

Full Set.

A whole full set of printables Baby Shower Nautical Blue template, designed by Baby Inc. Click on the picture or the Full Download link below to download the full package in zip file format.

The whole set collection includes:

  • Invitation

  • Cupcake Toppers

  • Sail Flag Toppers

  • Straw Flags

  • Stickers / Party Circles

  • Food Menu Card

  • Water Bottle Labels

  • Goody Bag / Favor Tags

  • Welcome Poster

  • Ribbon Seal Wrap

  • Hanging Flags


We have 2 Invitation template option for you:

  • Editable PDF template (left). Just use Adobe Acrobat Pro or other PDF editors to edit the texts and wordings (more on how to edit PDF very easily at the end of this post). This will make all the fonts design in your invitation match our sample design). Download this item here.

  • Blank template (right). Not up to editing? Fill in the blank fields on the blank template on the right. Download this item here.

Cupcake Toppers.

This is for your food and drink decoration. It's a topper, to put on your cupcakes, cut out cakes, pastries, sandwhiches, bread, and so on. Use a toothpick or other little sticks to stick it on the food. Application reference at end of post. You can also stick it on a straw. Download this item here.

Sail Flag Toppers.

This is for your food decoration. It's a sail topper, to put on your cupcakes, cut out cakes, pastries, sandwhiches, bread, and so on. It's suppose to look like a sailing flag. Use a toothpick to stick it on cupcakes or other desserts. Application reference at end of post. Download this item here.

Straw Flags.

This is to decorate straws. Fold around the near top of your straw. Application reference at end of post.

Download this item here.

Stickers / Party circles.

Print this on a sticker paper or plastic (if you want to stick it onto wet surfaces like drinking glasses, then it needs to be of plastic material). You can use the circle cut outs as a sticker to put on cups, glasses, bowls, snack / sweet packs, boxes, and so on.

Or you can also print and stick it on light cartons, cut it out, and spread it as decoration on the table centerpiece.

Download this item here.

Food Menu Card.

Let your guests know what's the dish name. Write down the food and drink name on this card. Fold the card half to the back to make it stand. Application reference at end of post. Download this item here.

Water Bottle Label.

Take off the brand sticker on the little water bottles, and use this nice one instead! Application reference at end of post.

Download this item here.

Goody Bag / Favor Tags.

Tie it onto your goody bag or favor snacks / sweets packs. Application reference at end of post.

Download this item here.

Welcome Poster.

You may want to put this poster in an A3 sized frame, or stick it on a carton or cardboard and put it at the entrance to greet your guests. Or you may want to put this up on your centerpiece table. We have 2 Welcome Poster option for you:

Ribbon Seal Wrap.

Wrap this around snack boxes, lunch boxes, napkins, and so on - like a ribbon. Turn the vertical stripe to horizontal, and you can also use it for napkin + cutlery set wrap. Application reference at end of post.

Download this item here.

Hanging Flags.

Cut out the flags then hang. Download this item here.

Full Download link below to download the full package in zip file format.

Reference application of printables, Nautical decor look and mood, and other Nautical Baby Shower decor ideas.

Our full reference collection and original sources for the images link can be found in our Pinterest Board "#BabyIncPick Events".

Looks fun, doesn't it? Excited to try doing a #DIY Baby Shower? Try out our gift, and please send us the event photos results, we'd be very happy to see it! We may also try it some time later and post it on a blog.

Stay tuned in to our blog posts, soon next we'll post the pink version of this design!


All other freebies can be downloaded in the freebies page.

Thank you for sailing by! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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*All our free designs are free to use. For business / resell / monetization use, please mention in credit thebabyinc.com (Creative Common License Attribution). Contact us if you have any questions or for any special use.

*How to edit a PDF file.

Editing a PDF is very easy when you have the right tools in hand. First recommended method of course would be using Adobe Acrobat Pro - not Adobe Acrobat Reader or Viewer. It's easiest and quickest. But there are other PDF editors too, and this article tells you how: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-edit-a-pdf/

*Fonts in the PDF file**.

We use free fonts for the editable texts in the design:

Avenir Next, ADAM CG PRO, Cookie Regular.

All fonts should be embedded in the file, meaning, you don't need to install it to edit the file. More on this at footnote below.**

*Fonts in the PDF file**.

Should you have any trouble with any of the fonts when you try to edit, you may want to try to install the fonts to your system. Click on each of the fonts name to free-download it in ttf format - which is compatible both for Mac or PC.

Installing font in a Mac: You can install a font by double-clicking the font file, which will launch Font Book and display a preview of the font. Click the Install Font button in the lower right corner of the preview window to install the font.

*Copyrighted elements.

The "Baby Shower" typeface was using Ambar Pearl Personal Use font. It's free for personal use only, and it's converted to vector. Please make sure you only use our "Nautical Baby Shower Printables" design for your personal (non commercial / business) events only.

Some of the Nautical themed vector designs modified from: Freepik.

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